As it is an honour for any school to be responsible for educating a young girl, Kibosho Girls Secondary School is dedicated to providing a safe, caring and aspiration environment for each child to promote their academic and personal development in a rich, nurturing and protected climate.
Parents choose our School because we select our students to promote positive behavior for the pursuit of excellence in every Student. As a result, our students feel very secure and supported in their academic development. This encourages their personal motivation and self-confidence to become the best they can be. Kibosho Girls Secondary School is a very happy and successful school where all students and staff are valued, respected and cherished to create a positive culture where the learning and teaching experience is inspiring, creative, supportive and very rewarding.

Sr. Consumata Kunguse

Sr. Consumata Kunguse CDNK

The Head Mistress

This is one amazing home. Sometimes we don’t see it but soon after we leave we know how much it’s beautiful and amazing. We live in a calm and peaceful environment, we everyday learn something new either practical or theory. We are provided with knowledge that prepares us to be better members of the society. I think it’s where pure knowledge comes from.
Janeth A. Gabone
School President.
This place we live in, it never happened to me that one day I would be in a place like this, it’s my second home because it’s beautiful and makes me euphoric to be here every day. I get to learn what life is not only through books but also through different people and different social activities with a positive discipline. I know you are surprised of what this paradise is, it’s nothing lovely than a home for the many that gives us a positive attitude and a chance to experience life to the fullest that’s KIBOSHO GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL
Winnie Justin
Prime Minister.
If I was to choose the best place to put everyone for a better living, I would actually use my maximum power to bring people here. This place, which I have every right to call it a home for many, has a lot of beneficial activities to the majority of those who live in it. We have a very beautiful and attractive environment which is friendly and which makes us more comfortable in learning different stuffs, including studies, social matters like entertainment, sports and self- reliance life in general.
Agness Aloyce Msoka
Minister of Sports and Culture